Camp Grace Oklahoma


Please call  405-664-7680 for details!

Camp Grace "Where the Cool Kids Go!" Professional Dog Grooming and Boarding Since 1999


Grooming is available for all breeds large & small • Time duration varies

Price starts at $45 & varies depending on breed/length of time since last grooming

We accept all breeds both small and large dogs. (Must be current on vaccinations.)

Our grooming service includes:

  1. Clipping (hair cut)
  2. Nail Trimming
  3. Ear Cleaning
  4. Bathing (with specialty shampoos available)
  5. Anal Glands Expressed (if needed)

Our goal is to provide a hassle free positive experience for all.

PLEASE NOTE: Anytime your dog is in our care, they MUST be properly harnessed/collared and leashed properly according to their size and weight. Camp Grace is not liable for old, worn out, faulty or improper equipment and will not be responsible for loss of animal due to such improper harnessing/leashing.

We are pleased to announce that Camp Grace is now using Gingr for all Reservation & Appointment scheduling - both grooming and boarding.

Please use the link below to create an account and to secure your reservation...

Gingr is also available as an app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Use the links below to download the app. Then to find Camp Grace please use the code 178302.



FROM GRACE SENN, OWNER OF CAMP GRACE: "In 1984 when we moved to Oklahoma, I went out looking for a job. I applied for a job at a vet office and also at a pet store/grooming shop. Only two applications, that’s all I put in. That night I got a call back from Canine Corner and was hired to start that Monday - it was the summer of 1985."

"It wasn’t long until I was working on the grooming side of the shop in addition to retail sales. First just to clean up and take dogs in and out but pretty soon I was bathing a few dogs on Saturday. Before I knew it, I was bathing dogs five days a week. I watched the groomers all those years. Watched what length of blades they used, learned grooming patterns of different breeds, and watched how they dealt with every situation that arose while grooming dogs. I learned it wasn’t always fun. I learned it could be messy. It got hot. It was not a glamorous job. Despite all that I loved it."

"None of the “mess” stuff mattered, it was just part of what I did. What mattered was the puppies. Connecting with them, helping them to feel better and to look beautiful. I learned grooming the old school way. I watched for many years and gradually began doing more and more actual grooming. I learned it is always about the dog. I have had dog parents ask me to do things I knew would hurt or stress the dogs out. For instance, de-matting a very matted dog. It is always better to clip the dogs short and start again. Hair will grow back. We will not put a dog through pain just so they can stay fluffy."


  • We will always speak to owners openly and honestly. Nobody wants their dog to have a bad or painful grooming experience.
  • We will always groom dogs with kindness and respect.
  • We will always talk to our clients about any potential health issues we feel may need checked out by a vet or kept an eye on.
  • We will love your puppies like they are our own.
  • We will be patient when they are a little (or a lot) grumpy.
  • As dogs age, they can’t stand as well. So, we will take as long to groom them as THEY need.

At Camp Grace, we feel it is such a privilege to be trusted to groom and care for your “fur babies." We sincerely thank you for that trust!

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